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  We offer a variety of business forms. Whether it is a 2 part custom invoice you need printed or buisness checks we have direct access to variety of vendors who guarantee the lowest price and highest quality on buisness forms. Below is a selection of the products that we offer. Contact Us for assistance



Carbonless forms

In the early nineteenth century, carbon paper was first introduced to the world. Earlier to that, people used to painstakingly copy out each document as many number of times as copies required. Since the advent of carbon paper, copying out was reduced a great deal. The extensive use of typewriters also added importance to the carbon paper in office life. Later on, photocopy machines reduced the use of carbon paper. However, the human race is forever looking for simplification in operations.

The carbon paper has now given way to carbonless forms. Carbonless forms, as the name indicates, are forms that do not use the carbon paper. It was first introduced, sometime in the middle of the twentieth century. Two scientists, Lowell Schleicher and Barry Green, working on a system called microencapsulation system, further refined it to come up with the carbonless paper. They patented the product in June 1953. Carbonless forms were natural derivatives of the carbon paper. Where previously, invoices had to be filled out after inserting a carbon paper between each sheet in a set of forms, today, with the introduction of the carbonless forms, you simply fill out the form on the top sheet of the set. The rest of the sheets get copied automatically. How this works is a marvel of chemistry. The bottom side of the each sheet of a set of carbonless form is quoted with micro-bubbles of colorless dye. The top side is covered with a mixture of some kind of resin and clay. On pressure being applied on the top form, these bubbles burst, releasing the dye, which react with the mixture to duplicate whatever is written on the top sheet.

Today, carbonless forms have become an indispensable item on the list of office stationery. Carbonless forms are used in a multitude of situations in day to day office working. With streamlining and delegation of work a copy on any office note has to reach different levels of the hierarchy. Filling out carbonless forms and sending them out leads to efficient time management. Copies of invoices, generally, have to go to several departments for information and follow up. With carbonless forms this mundane but necessary chore needs to be done just once. Quotes, purchase orders, insurance forms, delivery slips, contracts and receipts, the list of uses for this miracle paper is a long one. Now, even carbonless forms that are compatible with laser printing are available. This would lead to significant reduction in the cost of expensive printing ink.

These carbonless forms are also considered to be environment friendly as they do not lead to wastage created by used carbon papers. The copies of these forms last for a fairly long time under normal office conditions. The IRS has approved of carbonless copies and hence, obviously, they have to last at least for a period of seven years. Typically, a set of carbonless forms will come in different colors. The top sheet is generally white and the rest of the sheets come in shades of pink, blue or yellow. Companies offer customized sets as per choice of the client. The entire set comes as a pad with top glued in such that it can be easily torn off.

With its multiple uses and user friendly attributes, carbonless forms look set to stay for a long time on the office shelves.Easy and Affordable Marketing

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